Twitter: 4 Bad Practices to Avoid

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms and is suitable for most brands to use. However, there is an art to creating a successful account and presence on the site. This article will explore that in further detail by looking at some of the things you should avoid doing. It’s clear though that some of the ideas presented here are also good practices when they are not overdone.

1. Aggressive following

When joining the social media site, it’s tempting to think in terms of growing your new account as quickly as possible. This can lead users down the path of following too many accounts too quickly, which will get you into trouble with the Twitter police.

However, it’s important to remember the platform does encourage this to some extent by suggesting users to follow when you create your account as well as whenever you log-in. The critical thing is not to overdo it and ensure you focus on the users that are most relevant to your business. As a general rule, you shouldn’t follow more than 50 users over a 24-hour period.

2. Tweeting the same information again and again

If you monitor Twitter on a regular basis, you will notice users that post the same tweets all the time. This is not a good practice and may allow the site to consider you a spammer. In marketing, sending out the same material again and again is not a good idea, it’s the same with social media.

To gain followers and encourage engagement, you want to mix up your messages as much as possible. Even if you’re going to send out the same link, consider changing the text that accompanies your tweet or using different images. Remember that Twitter is about the conversation, so if you overdo the marketing; it may look like you aren’t engaging with the site in a real way.

3. Posting too much content around trends

It’s certainly true to say that it’s good practice to create content around trends especially when they are relevant to your business. However, Twitter is on the lookout for those accounts that are trying to take advantage of trends.

As a general rule, it’s probably okay to create one or two tweets around a trend – but if you do it all day – then you will run into a problem. Of course, this is mostly common sense, but you could be caught up in this if the perfect trend suddenly hits the internet. Again, this feeds back into the idea that you should look to mix things up rather than tweeting about the same topics over and over again.

4. Tweet and not engage

It’s not exactly a Twitter rule that you need to engage with other users, but the site might think you’re a spammer if you aren’t engaging with anyone. Remember that it is a communication platform and that means you need to do more than merely talk about the things you want to say. Again, this can come across as being overly promotional.

Twitter chats are a great way of connecting with new users and businesses that may be relevant to you. The site moves so quickly that it can be easy to lose valuable information in the noise. Equally, when your customers comment on your tweets, it’s crucial that you respond to them as quickly as possible. The latest research shows that consumers expect a response quickly, especially when they have a complaint.

This article is a brief look at some of the Twitter practices you should avoid. It’s best to remember though that you shouldn’t necessarily ignore some of these strategies completely. For example, it’s a good idea to tweet on trends and follow users to some extent. Don’t be scared of the rules, but do use elements of common sense.

One last thing, most social networks (including Twitter) have guidelines provided for users. If you’re looking for more guidelines and strategy directly from Twitter, check out this guide: