Finding Your Niche: How Viaje De Lujo Found Success Promoting To Spanish Speaking Consumers

How Viaje De Lujo Found Success Promoting To Spanish Speaking Consumers

In the world of vacation planning agencies, there is a lot of competition for customers. Plenty of companies are offering attractive vacation packages and ownership opportunities at destinations around the world, particularly for families. One company is finding success, by promoting particularly to Spanish-speaking families, and has been making waves online. Viaje De Lujo has 25 years of experience offering an impressive array of vacation ownership opportunities, and promoting to Spanish-speaking consumers. By securing their lead in this niche area, Viaje De Lujo is a prime example of how to stand out in an over-saturated industry. Here are some of the ways Viaje De Lujo found success in this niche area.

Reaching the Spanish-Speaking Market

Planning a family vacation should be affordable and accessible for all families. But many times, Spanish-speaking families run into trouble when trying to work with companies that offer vacation planning services primarily to English-speaking clients. It can be frustrating and challenging for Spanish-speaking families to work through language difficulties, to make sure they’re choosing the option that is perfect for their needs. Viaje De Lujo has filled this niche, by making it easy and enjoyable for Spanish-speaking families to book the vacation of their dreams. Their website is not only in Spanish, but there is also a phone number Spanish-speaking families can call, as well as an email address they can use to contact Viaje De Lujo.

A User-Friendly Website

Viaje De Lujo has made the process of planning and booking your family vacation seamless, thanks to the launch of their new, user-friendly website. Potential customers can easily browse their attractive and luxurious vacation ownership options, along with Viaje De Lujo’s services. There’s an FAQ-section which answers a lot of questions families may have. Plus, the website is in Spanish, making it attractive and an ideal choice for Spanish-speaking families looking to plan the trip of their dreams.

Wide Variety of Location Options

Another way Viaje De Lujo has found success in promoting to Spanish-speaking families is by offering an attractive array of vacation ownership package options, at luxurious locations worldwide. There are a wide array of locations available, to suit the needs of many different kinds of customers. From the calm lakes of the Poconos in Pennsylvania, to the crystal clear blue waters of the Bahamas, there are options for all Spanish-speaking families. These also include:

  • Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale, New Smyrna, Orlando in Florida
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Hawaii
  • Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Loreto, Puerto Vallarta in Mexico
  • The Bahamas
  • Costa Rica

Easy To Plan

Viaje De Lujo has cornered the market when it comes to appealing to Spanish-speaking families, because they make it easy to book and plan a perfect getaway. Interested families attend a 90-minute VIP presentation, where they learn information about the property, without the obligation to buy. Interested families can reach out on their Spanish website. But you can also keep up with Viaje De Lujo on social media, by adding them on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, to see the latest offerings and deals. You can also call them directly, and they have both an English and a Spanish phone number available.