Entrepreneurship: How to Overcome Challenges & Growing Pains

As an entrepreneur, you can face a slew of challenges when developing a new business idea. It requires perseverance and dedication to transform an idea into a viable product.

You are unique in the sense that most people are content to go to a job, but you are driven to do the extraordinary. Rising above the ordinary requires effort to overcome the hurdles that are thrown up along the way, like the less than supportive feedback from the external environment and from your own physiology.

Our brains are biologically designed to throw up mental roadblocks every time we are inspired to make changes. Its job is to maintain homeostasis, which is useful in certain cases, as in when it involves our physical well being. It can still be terribly annoying to put up with the voices in our heads that bombard us with resistance around a great business idea.

You are unique.

While your mind is racing ahead with all the reasons you should not consider a new business venture, be reminded that entrepreneurs are very special people. People that embark on business startups have learned to deal with situations that most others simply give in to:

• emotional ups and downs
• doubts
• fears
• criticism from others

As a person with multiple responsibilities, you do what you must to keep it all going. Give yourself credit for what you already manage in your busy life. As an entrepreneurial thinker, you have a natural ability to sort through massive amounts of data and focus on what supports your agenda.

You are a born strategist.

Entrepreneurs have a tendency to think of products or services that solve problems. You possess insight that allows you to identify a need and find a new or better way to fulfill it. You go beyond the current options available by creating innovative choices.

This kind of thinking provides members of our society with the amazing quality of life we live. Consider the following statements and ask yourself how well they apply to your situation:

1. Being a natural go-getter and a go-to person is an indication you have an entrepreneurial spirit.

2. You are solution-oriented and have the willingness to do what it takes to make it happen.

3. The only reason you would ever be satisfied to do a 9-to-5 job would be for research purposes only!

Hold your course.

Entrepreneurs are responsible for providing and implementing ideas that allow us the greatest progress in society. You have a vision, so do what it takes to stick to your priorities regardless of your brain chemistry, doubtful internal voices, and negative external feedback.

Stay on track to move your business idea forward and focus on the validity of your dreams. Replace the “naysayer” thoughts with the indisputable evidence that you are on target. As an entrepreneur with a great business idea, you can change the world!