About Erkan

How’s it going? I’m Erkan Kemiksizgil and I’ve been a full-time direct response marketer and online entrepreneur since 2009.

I’ve had a lot of experience with the creation and management of affiliate programs and bringing new products and brands to life online.

If you are seeking leads, sales, mobile app installs, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly or add me as a connection on LinkedIn.

My Specialities Inclue: Search Engine Marketing, Contextual Advertising, Lead Generation, Mobile Marketing, List Management, Consulting, Web Design and Development, Project Management, Performance Marketing.

Please come back to this site regularly as I’ll be sharing insights from being an online entrepreneur over the past decade as well as observations on industry trends and what I’ve noticed successful people around me doing. My posts are as much as a reference for you to learn from as they are for me to reflect back on where my mind and business were at when I was inspired to share my thoughts. Cheers!