6 Ways to Lower Your E-Commerce Website’s Bounce Rate

6 Ways to Lower Your E-Commerce Website's Bounce Rate

It’s very frustrating for any business owner to have a high bounce rate. This is when a high number of visitors simply visit the website, but don’t look around. If a person doesn’t look around, there is virtually no chance of ever making a sale.

I’ve messed around with a bunch of different techniques out there, and some have worked, while others have failed. These are my six best tips on how to lower your e-commerce bounce rate as quickly as possible.

Re-focus on the right keywords

If a person is looking for something in particular, they will be more inclined to look around. Quality keywords will result in quality visitors, which will decrease the bounce rate.

Keywords should always be used as ways to reel in people. From that point, it’s up to each business owner to keep them hooked with the content provided.

Make small performance upgrades

It takes a lot of speed to survive into the brutal world of digital marketing, and one of the lifelines that will save you is a fast-loading website. A lot of people are zipping around the Internet in 2019, and they expect websites to load properly as soon as they click on them. Even if there is a slight delay, it could be enough to send frustrated people elsewhere.

There are some simple ways to reduce load times such as minimalizing certain features on the website, but it might be best to consult with a web designer. There are also plenty of free tools to constantly monitor load times to see if something abnormal is happening.

Stay away from pop-up windows

No one likes pop-up windows at any point, but they were somewhat more acceptable a few years ago. In today’s world, even one pop-up advertisement is going to frustrate people.

Simply put, pop-up windows are associated with spam. Even if the pop-up window is not an advertisement from an outside source, it still will drive people away.

Re-focus on content

If a certain type of content isn’t working, there are other options available. Maybe customers need more pictures and videos to stay hooked on the website. Maybe the website is lacking enough information in general. Once a person arrives at a website, there has to be a reason why they stick around.

It might be difficult to identify content issues, so find a few outsiders to critically look at things as well. This will give most people a better idea of where to go from there.

Use Google analytics correctly

There are a lot of analytical tools available from Google, and this can help a person make better sense of why they are getting a certain number of bounces. If a landing page has a ton of content, it might be something that isn’t that bad. Conversions can still happen on that landing page, but it would count as a bounce rate in statistics.

Provide Limited Time Offers/Sales

One way to get people to stick around and explore is to offer a deal that is for a limited time. Every person loves saving money and finding great deals, so use that as the hook to bring people in.