3 Ways to Keep Work from Taking Over Your Vacation

No one wants to work on vacation. Even checking a few emails can upset the quality of your relaxation. And if you’re on vacation with family, you may feel extra pressure to keep your time together work-free and give your loved ones the attention they deserve.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Some professionals have responsibilities that are too big to set aside entirely. If that describes you, you’ve probably often wondered how to strike the right balance between time spent on the phone and time spent on the beach.

Thankfully, you are not alone in this struggle. Here are a few tricks you can try to help manage your time wisely on vacation, and achieve a work-life balance that leaves you refreshed and energized for when it’s time to go home.

1) Time your vacation for when you have less to do

Preparation is the key when planning a work-free vacation. Before booking your cruise or airfare, take a look at your calendar, and talk to colleagues, clients, and bosses. Discuss the dates you are considering for your vacation, and intimate that you would like to be as device-free on vacation as possible. Avoid dates that coincide with big deadlines or events that have historically created problems. When the time comes to jet off, make sure your coworkers know that you won’t be around.

2) Find someone to cover for you

Everyone is entitled to time away from work and its stressors, and you can use this to your advantage. Strike up an agreement with a colleague to take on each other’s obligations while you are away. This will ensure that you aren’t disturbed with minor problems, and has the double benefit of helping you forge a closer working relationship with a colleague.

3) Set boundaries

Whether you work at home, manage a team, or run your own business, it is easy to become consumed with your work life. Vacation provides an opportunity to reset, or spend valuable time with your loved ones. Do not let work life intrude more than it has to. If you need to check your email or take a phone call, set aside a half-hour for work, so that when you are done, you can enjoy the day. After all, you have the rest of the year to work!

Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to detach from work entirely. In many regards, it may be a good problem to have, as it may indicate how indispensable you are. But everyone needs the chance to disengage from work, and using these tips can help you get the rest and relaxation you need while on vacation.